The Poor Side of Town

The city of Indianapolis is building a new jail and criminal justice center on the southeast side of the city. This means many of the current users of the City-County Building, namely the courts, will be vacating the property. There’s a lot of discussion locally about the future of that building and whether it should be redeveloped. The Indianapolis Business Journal asked me to contribute my thoughts, and I revisited my old idea to demolish the building entirely and redevelop the site.

Monday I was in Washington to participate in a book discussion of Howard Husock’s new work The Poor Side of Town: And Why We Need It. Obviously we talk about the intersection of zoning and housing affordability, but the conversation ranges well beyond that. Here’s a replay of the event:

A former colleague also sent me this interesting video about Gary, Indiana. The title is a bit harsh, but it’s actually a good overview of the city’s history. In a sense it’s an exaggerated version of the classic Rust Belt story that let’s us see some of the contours more easily.