Picking up on the “Evangelicalism, Elites and Excellence” video discussion - I agree that Evangelicals generally do not promote excellence and ambition, but how do you account for Joel Osteen? His message seems designed to inspire Christians to achieve lofty goals in the world and he has a massive following. Could there be something to tap into there?

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Oct 15, 2022Liked by Aaron M. Renn

Meanwhile, on the Masculinist front: Matthew Schmitz's review of Erika Bachiochi's book seems to have been received about as well as might have been expected.




This is what happens when you try to be critical of women in the same way that one is commonly critical of men.

Note that these aren't 'crazy feminist types' angry at Schmitz, but Catholic academic women.

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Certainly we should all have been paying more attention to Neil Postman, but I could not help but hear Saruman speaking to Gandalf while reading the end of that Compact article.

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