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Aaron, when I read critical reactions to your three worlds framework I keep coming back to this thought. It seems to me that America was negative towards various aspects of Christian faith throughout the 20th century. The issues shift somewhat, and the culture may oppose more or fewer Christian doctrines at different times, but this shifting and sliding isn't what you're getting at with the three-worlds model. The thing that's new about this new era is that Christian *identity* (not just doctrine) is now opposed. The institutions of society are openly, and *self-consciously* anti-Christian. I think the distinction between doctrine and identity might be helpful to some. Now we know that many influential Americans were anti-Christian throughout the previous century, but they have now "come out of the closet," so to speak. The self-consciousness is important too. Suppressing Christian identity is not quite official policy, but it is a conscious intention. The revealing contrast here is the treatment Islam gets from the same people and institutions.

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Aaron, no excuse for not watching that Australian pastor interview. The segment is 5 minutes and very relevant to your interests. I'll even serve you up the link:


The Keller piece was thoughtful, and here he doesn't really seem to be denying Negative World, which he calls "a deepening post-Christendom" -- fair enough.

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